Director: Sylvia Song

Dr. Sylvia Song previously worked with a top Chinese IP firm based in HK, from 2004 to early 2011. She is a qualified PRC patent attorney. Sylvia graduated with a bachelor degree in science (1994), Master degree in agronomy (1997) and Ph. D. (2003) in urban planning and environmental management. Sylvia worked at the Chemistry Department of the Chinese IP firm and is particularly experienced in patent prosecution in the fields of chemical engineering, polymer chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, pesticides and cosmetics. She is also skillful in analyzing the novelty and inventive step. Now she advises clients on patents in chemistry and engineering, designs and trademarks. She is fluent in Mandarin, English and Cantonese.

Partner: Daniel Chen

Mr. Daniel Chen qualified as a PRC patent attorney in 2006. He graduated from Fudan University and the University of Hong Kong respectively. He worked for several years with a highly rated IP firm originated from UK. He has extensive knowledge and experiences in UK, Europe and US patent law. Mr. Chen is skillful in drafting application documents in both chemistry and engineering and handling substantive examination, reexamination and invalidation cases in above fields. He is a member of All-China Patent Agents Association. Daniel is now an IP manager with a multinational manufacturer in electronic engineering and his in-depth knowledge in in-house IP counseling allows us to continually gain fresh insights and deliver best value to our clients. He is fluent in Mandarin, English and Cantonese.

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