We are a professional IP agency and specialize in patent and trademark related issues. We provide following patent related services: prior art search, patentability analysis, drafting, prosecution, patent reexamination and invalidation, clearance search, infringement assessment and litigation, patent customs recordal, patent portfolio and annuity management, and other patent-related legal services. As for trademark, we provide professional service in trademark search, registration, assignment and other related legal issues.

In summary, our services include the following,

  1. Patent search
  2. Patent drafting in English and/or Chinese
  3. Patent Prosecution
  4. Trademark search
  5. Trademark registration
  6. IP counseling for enterprises
  7. Computer software copyright registration
  8. Worksˇ¦ copyright registration (except for computer software copyright) for domestic and international works (including literary, oral, music and dance, acrobats, art, architecture, photography, film and film alike works, sketch, maps and other graphic works, and model works etc.)
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